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A Kingdom Purpose
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We Are Biblically Correct; NOT Politically or Woke Correct!

We will strive to utilize carriers that do not violate Biblical values wherever possible.

​cINSURE is proud to be a Texas-based business and recognizes the need to engage and influence our community through charitable involvement, particularly in local ministries that are:

  • A voice of advocacy for the unborn.   Psalm 139:13-16
  • Protective of Biblical family values.   Matthew 19:4  
  • Supportive of ministry to Israel, the Middle East and elsewhere.  Genesis 12:3
  • When appropriate, we network & collaborate with other like-minded Christian financial professionals on our client’s behalf; such as investment advisors, accountants, attorney’s, bankers, realtors, etc..   Romans 12:5
faith insurance intersect

We will strive to utilize carriers that do not violate Biblical values wherever possible.

Our Strengths

(Large enough to serve; small enough to care!)

The advisors at Christian Insurance Services* have in excess of 100+ years of combined experience in financial planning: Particularly in the area of personal and commercial risk management. We operate through our primary gift of educating our clients of potential unforeseen perils and exposures that can derail short, mid and long-term goals. We always seek to help the complicated area of insurance understandable to our clients.

* All Christian Insurance Services agents & advisers are sole proprietors and Independently contracted professionals that seek to work cooperatively with other Christians within a Biblically-responsible environment for the same purpose – Building up The Body of Christ     Proverbs 15:22

Our History and Back Office Support Team

(second to none!)

When we opened our doors to the public in January 2010, we were the insurance division of Christian Financial Association of America (CFAA). We interviewed many broker-general agencies to write our business with but it didn’t take long to figure out that BDI was clearly the agency that reflected our Biblical and ethical values (as well as agency that would bring our clients the greatest value and experience).

Even though Christian Insurance Services is now an entity of it’s own, we never looked backed and continue to enjoy the same wonderful business relationship with BDI as when we started!

Our back office support team at BDI has served the greater San Antonio – Austin areas for 107 years with local offices located in San Antonio, Seguin, Universal City, Lavernia and New Braunfels. Each of our property and casualty clients are assigned a personal customer service representative (account executive) that meticulously serves each client: Never a 800 number or annoying telephone tree, but great old-fashioned, personal service and relationship: Especially when you need it!

*Property & Casualty Insurance proudly offered through a special arrangement with BDI of Seguin, Texas

Our Beliefs and Who We Feel We Work Best With

(Biblically-grounded and who we bring the most value to)

Spending Decisions are also Spiritual Decisions

We believe that all spending decisions are Spiritual decisions and if given the right information, discerning Christians will make the right decisions pertaining to their insurance needs because they are sensitive to the wisdom of Scripture.  Psalm 119:105

The Holy Scriptures

We believe that The Holy Scriptures have every answer we need for even the most mundane situations. Jesus, desires to be a part of every aspect of our life: Even when it comes to insurance!   2 Timothy 3:16

Integrity and Competence

Since all spending decisions are Spiritual decisions and God owns it all anyway; our clients value integrity and competence from their insurance professionals as well as an independent approach to their insurance needs.   Proverbs 15:22

Loyalty and Expertise

Our ideal client values expertise, service, loyalty and care:  Not just price!   Genesis 41:39