Long-Term Care Insurance

Long-Term Care

Long-Term Insurance

Long- Term Care

LTC services are not just for the elderly;  In fact, anyone who’s been in an accident or is suffering from a debilitating illness may also require 24-7 care.  The reality is that 40% of patients receiving LTC are actually under 65 years old.

The median cost for a home-health aide for an eight hour day is more than $49,000 a year, while a private room nursing home facility has a cost in excess of $98,000. There is no end in sight to the increasing costs as people are living longer while the cost of health care continues to sky-rocket! [Genworth 2017 Cost of Care Survey]

If structured properly, LTC Insurance is coverage that can provide for Home Care, Assisted Living, Formal Nursing Home or even Adult Day Care.

Types of LTC Policies

Traditional        *      Life Insurance w/ LTC Rider         *     Hybrid

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